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The year is 2011. The country is unified by the royal wedding, Game of Thrones has just hit our TV screens and people are planking all over the place (never has there been a more appropriately named craze). Most importantly, Posh Gecko is born!

A lot has changed since then, with Posh Gecko being no exception. Now in our eighth year of operation we have grown by cultivating a team of talented and skilled directors, producers, animators and 3D motion designers, working together in harmony to handcraft beautiful, innovative and engaging video content. From humble beginnings, we’re immensely proud to say that we have collaborated with brands and agencies around the world to deliver award-winning videos. 

Company director

Dan Northrop

Company director

James Satterley

Head of creative

Ross Hill

Head of Creative
film producer

Chris Rigby

Film Producer
motion designer

Juliana Ball

Motion Designer
motion designer

Brian Thomas

Motion Designer

Lauren Doe


Tomas Slekys

Motion Designer

Alan Harding

Motion Designer
marketing manager

Jennifer Clarkson

Marketing Manager

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